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Tom Greenough, Associate, EntuitiveTom Greenough, Associate
The urban population in most countries is soaring, and so is the demand for affordable housing. In addition to the residential requirements of individuals, a community needs infrastructure for learning, healthcare, and recreation.However, challenging the conventional onsite construction industry are low productivity gains, cost overruns, and changing labor dynamics. In such a scenario, what is emerging as a hero for the construction arena is offsite and modular construction. Acting on this vision to change the way buildings are conceived and constructed is a company called Entuitive. Driven by the purpose of fulfilling the needs of its clients and communities, Entuitive provides innovative offsite and modular design solutions.

“With our offsite and modular design service offering, we achieve a balance between economy, aesthetics, and high productivity in the rapidly changing architecture, engineering, and construction marketplace,” says Tom Greenough, Associate at Entuitive. The company sets out by listening to and understanding the client’s unique needs and developing options to solve their particular challenges. They utilize building information modeling (BIM) software, such as Revit and Tekla, to create 3D models of the client’s project to facilitate ongoing coordination with the client, architect, and modular manufacturer before manufacture and construction starts. These 3D models also allow for the creation of accurate quantities (bill of materials) throughout the design process. As the design evolves, the need to create, analyze, and change the models may arise.
For this purpose, Entuitive uses computational design tools, such as Grasshopper and Dynamo, for creating content and automating tasks to accelerate the process. Entuitive also deploys parametric tools to generate analytical and data-rich models quickly for early “optioneering” and design decisions.

With Entuitive’s design solutions, buildings or components of a building—called modules—can be partially or completely constructed offsite under controlled plant conditions. As a result, about 60 to 90 percent of the building is finished before transportation and assembly at the final building site. Through its services, Entuitive enables its clients to achieve quality construction with less waste and emissions, improved project delivery times, and a higher productivity rate with improved worker safety.

Case in point: one of Entuitive’s clients was in a situation where they were facing difficulties in getting the fire separation details of a particular modular project approved. When the client approached Entuitive, they immediately leapt into action and provided an engineering judgment report for the unique modular assemblies. As a result, the client was granted approval from the authority and was immediately able to proceed with the project that was put on hold.
  • With our offsite and modular design service offering, we achieve a balance between economy, aesthetics, and high productivity in the rapidly changing architecture, engineering, and construction marketplace

Entuitive’s client-centric approach to finalizing a design early in the process is rooted in its culture of collaboration. The company always looks for new solutions and better ways to do their work by collaborating with both their clients and other stakeholders, such as architects, contractors, module manufacturers, and other consultants/engineers. Going beyond the project’s delivery, Entuitive builds lasting relationships with its clients that span projects, sectors, and beyond.

Having achieved many accolades worldwide for its outstanding service, Entuitive has grown both in size and geography, with offices in seven locations that employ over 250 individuals since its founding eight years ago. “We are known for our level of responsiveness and our ability to solve complex problems with ease. We take pride in the fact that we view every conventional obstacle as an opportunity to serve our clients better,” says Jennifer McKay, Manager, Marketing and Communications at Entuitive.
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New York, NY

Tom Greenough, Associate and Jennifer McKay, Manager, Marketing and Communication

Entuitive takes design performance to new heights through its collaboration with clients including architects, developers, building owners and managers, and construction professionals. Entuitive's practice encompasses structural engineering, building envelope, restoration, and special projects consulting. The company deeply believes in achieving better design through technology. Entuitive's team uses BIM and other advanced tools to solve complex structural and design challenges allowing its clients to realize their vision in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Entuitive is passionate about providing exceptional service on each and every project – whether small-scale projects to billion-dollar landmark structures anywhere in the world

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