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Chesney Beck, VP - Sales & Engineering, WinTech IncChesney Beck, VP - Sales & Engineering
The adoption of modular products is gaining traction in the US and the UK. According to McKinsey's Modular construction: From projects to products report, modular construction in European and US markets has the potential to deliver annual savings of up to $22 billion. The report mentions that the new entrants and incumbents in the modular space can alleviate prefabricated products' apprehensions as unattractive, cheap, poor-quality options. One of the companies leading this change is Monett-based WinTech.

Established in 1991, WinTech began by offering a single product - aluminum-framed basement windows, however, today the company operates with six different corporate divisions including their Modular Division. "Our Modular Division provides several different products and services to the modular industry and has developed into a rather large division for us,” says Chesney Beck, VP - Sales & Engineering. "We have over 15 years of experience in providing window products to the modular market." The modular products provided by WinTech service both the relocatable modular market, which consist of smaller job site trailers to COVID test units and FEMA shelters, as well as permanent construction modular such as hotels.
As a custom manufacturer,WinTech has developed new designs and made design changes in its product offerings for ease of installation and adheres to all quality standards for air-water leakage, structural stability, and building codes for energy conservation.The company takes pride in delivering quality windows on time to modular factories, modular dealers, and private owners and consultants.Even though WinTech has a wide range of products, it is also open to custom-made products when the need arises and is always ready to take up the challenge of manufacturing products outside the norm.

The company wishes to be the first preference of its clients when selecting modular windows, reflecting the kind of work that WinTech has been doing. A few years ago, a client approached WinTech with a request for an intricate window design. The client was developing a new panelized building system that required a window system that would allow for efficient installation of the window. This particular design involved an interior blind cradle/trim, blinds, and security grate, all in a single window unit. "Our team worked closely with our client to design a specialized window system to meet the customer's needs which included proof of concept and testing," explains Beck. "This system is still being widely used by that client today."

For a modular factory client, WinTech employed its Light Commercial Division's experience to design a new window head detail that would provide a proper water-tight seal without changing the construction sequence that the client was using in their factory. The design has now become a high-volume product for the client. WinTech works hand in hand with the factories when it comes to shipping and delivering methods and provides installation training to factory teams. The company has developed a modular installation certification program to certify modular factories when installing WinTech's products. For factories that wish to be certified through this program, WinTech will provide product and installation training and audit the installation, accuracy, and quality of the windows. This program results in a certificate that is provided to the modular factory which can then be used in their submittal packages to their downstream customers. The company will introduce the certification program in the Modular Building Institute's annual event - World of Modular in March 2021.
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WinTech Inc

Monett, MO

Chesney Beck, VP - Sales & Engineering

An employee-owned company providing standard and custom products to multiple markets of the construction industry

WinTech Inc

"We have over 15 years of experience in providing window products to the modular market"

- Chesney Beck, VP - Sales & Engineering

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