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Top 10 Emerging Modular Construction Companies - 2022

Construction innovations such as modular buildings are evolving as a popular choice amid rising urbanization and industrialization. The relocatable, attractive, and highquality modular structures are emerging as an alternative to their conventional counterparts owing to their high efficiency and flexibility in design and construction.

Mindful of these forward-looking advantages, the global modular construction market is forecasted to be worth $271 billion in 2030, as per the latest market analysis reports. The reports identify the market to witness a growth spike at a CAGR of eight percent during the forecast period. Rising demand for the offsite construction of modular buildings plays a growth-inducing role as it consumes less energy than traditional on-site installation works. A new trend of green infrastructure is ushering in a groundbreaking era in the construction industry, which is a principal factor driving market growth.

On that note, this edition of Construction Tech Review brings the spotlight on the key technological advancements in the modular construction solution space and how companies are integrating new approaches into construction strategies and workflows. The edition features thought leadership articles from Will Adams, Emerging Technologies Developer at Mortenson, who sheds light on the significance of virtual reality in helping real estate companies make faster and smart decisions. It also features invaluable insights from Mohammad Yasser Baaj, CEO of B3G Engineering Services, who talks about how automation influences modular construction in increasing productivity and reducing manpower in manufacturing industries.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition features WHP Trainingtowers, an award-winning construction company that uniquely engineers and customizes an exceptional modular firetraining simulator, MODx, to provide the highest quality metal training buildings for fire service.

We hope this edition helps you find an appropriate modular construction solution and service provider to assist you with the industry-best approaches to improve flexibility and efficiency in construction and manufacturing while reducing production costs. Let us know your thoughts!

    Top Emerging Modular Construction Companies

  • Impact Housing is one of the fastest-growing modular construction companies in the Southeast. Impact Housing homes are manufactured and constructed offsite using the same building materials and following the same building codes and standards required for traditional site-built residences


  • Built Prefab

    Built Prefab

    Built Prefab’s design department, Built Labs works from the ground up using the latest 3D design software and coordinate between architects, engineers, planning authorities, and production

  • Keystone Structural Group

    Keystone Structural Group

    Keystone Structural Group, Inc (KSG) is an engineering consulting firm that provides structural engineering services to the architectural and construction community. The company is a dynamic consulting firm that handles a wide range of structural engineering projects

  • Miracle Truss

    Miracle Truss

    Miracle Truss® Buildings - Quality pre-fab steel truss building kits. Garages, Workshops, Hangars, Agricultural, Storage, Homes & Cabins. The company is customer centric organization and is here to help your project go smoothly. They believe in supplying the best building and the best service available

  • ModularDesign+


    ModularDesign+ is a full-service modular design and prefabrication firm focused on enhancing the efficiency of building components through modularization. The company partner with clients to develop custom solutions that achieve their design goals while reaping the speed-to-market and cost benefits of prefabrication

  • Modular Solutions

    Modular Solutions

    Modular Solutions services include the design, engineering, specification, and construction management of more than $160 million of modular building projects

  • Modular Sure Site

    Modular Sure Site

    Modular Sure Site is complete offsite construction and management service consultants, from pre-construction through the building leaving the manufacturing facility. Specializing in residential developments and commercial projects in multifamily, high-rise, hospitality, and education

  • Optimum Modular Solutions

    Optimum Modular Solutions

    Optimum Modular Solutions is a consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to real estate developers, architects, general contractors, and subcontractors

  • Wesbuilt Modular

    Wesbuilt Modular

    Wesbuilt Modular, LLC provides planning, design, and construction services for permanent commercial modular structures for owners, developers, and investors. By utilizing the benefits and advantages of prefabrication and modular construction technologies, it's clients in the commercial construction markets improve their productivity and generate a higher ROI

  • WinTech


    WinTech supplies building materials for the construction industry. The company provides products for the commercial division, light commercial division, residential division, modular division, access doors and panel division, and louvres and grills division

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