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Top 10 Emerging Modular Construction Solution Companies - 2021

Like most industries, the construction sector experienced a hurricane of changes in 2020. Real estate agents witnessed an increase in demand for single-family and multifamily homes and watched as the housing market experienced shortages. Construction leaders observed commercial priorities shift from the hospitality sector toward data centers and medical buildings. Demand was surprising, and building material costs increased tremendously as a result. The solution to dealing with these emergencies was an increase in modular construction. This process has benefited from the development of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), BIM, and 3D printing.

When considering 3D printing technology, it can develop structural components utilizingminimal raw materials than traditional shaping techniques, modular construction offers up aneasy solution adapted to recent environmental standards. Industriesfrom packaged food to retail are adopting artificial intelligence, allowing machines forecast, self-learn, deliver and even fabricate products that meet consumer preferences. Given the multiple variables engaged in a construction project, and seemingly unique circumstances faced by project managers every single time,

AI can in theory allow for a superior and more robust decision-making process. This speedy method reduces waste while meeting needs faster than traditional builds. In short, using this system would help the housing market grow at an exponential rate while remaining relatively inexpensive for real estate developers. This rationalized process keeps operations running expeditiously, keeping costs low.

All in all, modular construction methods are the answer to many of these changing trends. Business professionals and construction leaders should look forward to witness these processes increasing in popularity as they bridge the construction gap to meet demands. The ability to customize the structure while keeping the process green, under budget, on schedule and consistent will draw a lot of support.

To gain the advantages of such technological advancements has compelled organizations to adopt modular construction solutions and services. This edition of Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of leading modular construction solution and service players to help companies navigate the best-of-breed service and solution providers. The enlisted organizations are transforming processes and services at the convergence of several disruptive technologies

    Top Emerging Modular Construction Solution Companies

  • An employee-owned company providing standard and custom products to multiple markets of the construction industry


  • Catskill Modular Homes

     Catskill Modular Homes

    Catskill Modular Homes' goal is to provide clients with the professional expertise and products that will turn their dreams into reality. They know that building a home is one of the largest investments clients ever make that fits their lifestyle and dreams. That’s why it’s important for to select a builder with a reputation for quality construction, flexible designs, and abundant choices in options and upgrades

  • D 3 Construction Services

     D 3 Construction Services

    Glide Installations sets a new standard for furniture installation services. Founded in 2011 on values of superior customer service and installation expertise, Glide is a full-service, independent furniture installation company serving Arizona, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah. Its leadership team has more than 60 years of collective industry experience. The Glide brand is regionally recognized for quality, responsiveness, and professionalism. The company commit to immersing themselves in their customer’s corporate culture to support and protect their brand. As a true business partner, the company is dedicated to delivering a positive experience for all project stakeholders

  • Glide Installations

     Glide Installations

    Founded in 2011 on values of superior customer service and installation expertise, Glide is a full-service, independent furniture installation company serving Arizona, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah

  • Harrelson Modular Construction

     Harrelson Modular Construction

    HMC specializes in designs for all types of applications from small in-plant offices to large modular office complexes in both single and two story configurations. The company’s modular mezzanines are code compliant in all states and designed to your specific needs and applications. Utilizing prefabricated modular materials, their specialty enclosures and modular mezzanine systems have provided many unique applications not possible with conventional construction methods. Its capability includes complete CAD design and drawings, providing them with step-by-step approval as the project moves forward. And if required, complete engineering services and sealed drawings are available.

  • My Modular

     My Modular

    My Modular, LLC serves the modular building industry in a major support role. Services include set-up, dismantle, refurbishment, modifications, make-ready, transportation, project management, utilities, decks, ADA ramps, sidewalks, and so much more. They strive to make customers all-stars in the eyes of the user and focus on a quality finished product. The company’s services are also available to organizations that currently own a modular building that is no longer in warranty

  • SPG architects

     SPG architects

    SPG Architects is a full-service award-winning architecture firm founded by Coty Sidnam and currently led by Eric Gartner. SPG provides a comprehensive range of design services and has served clients on a range of architecture and design services. SPG Architects is committed to employing material and energy resources to their maximum end use and efficiency in order to limit the impact of our built work on the environment

  • Vareika Construction

     Vareika Construction

    Vareika Construction, Inc. offers a wide scope of services such as general contracting, modular construction, historic restorations, weatherization, masonry, electrical, and more. In business since 1987, the company has built a strong foundation of trust with housing authorities across the state of Massachusetts. And, because they manage their projects from concept to completion, they ensure a quality result delivered on schedule

  • Modular Concepts

    Modular Concepts

    Modular Concepts, Inc. services include commercial modular buildings, single story-multi-story, lease and purchase options, ICD 705 standards, systems furniture, site development, and AT/FP building upgrades. From conceptual design to occupancy, they deliver a cost-effective, time-conscious, and high-quality project in collaboration with their in-house engineering and design team. The company is proactive in implementing the latest codes and building principles for all their projects, and participating in ongoing training to stay on top of the latest advancements, technologies, and techniques

  • Modular Structural Consultants

    Modular Structural Consultants

    Modular Structural Consultants, LLC specialize in designing modular structures, including modular buildings, intermodal shipping containers, shade structures, tension fabric buildings and many more. The company provides structural engineering services for modular industry across the United States. Their engineering services include providing structural consultation, design documents engineering certification and structural calculations for building permits. Their in-house structural engineer is registered in 49 States, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico for Professional Engineering and Structural Engineering licenses

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