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Top 10 Modular Construction Service Companies - 2021

Like most industries, the construction sector experienced a hurricane of changes in 2020. Real estate agents witnessed an increase in demand for single-family and multifamily homes and watched as the housing market experienced shortages. Construction leaders observed commercial priorities shift from the hospitality sector toward data centers and medical buildings. Demand was surprising, and building material costs increased tremendously as a result. The solution to dealing with these emergencies was an increase in modular construction. This process has benefited from the development of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), BIM, and 3D printing.

When considering 3D printing technology, it can develop structural components utilizingminimal raw materials than traditional shaping techniques, modular construction offers up aneasy solution adapted to recent environmental standards. Industriesfrom packaged food to retail are adopting artificial intelligence, allowing machines forecast, self-learn, deliver and even fabricate products that meet consumer preferences. Given the multiple variables engaged in a construction project, and seemingly unique circumstances faced by project managers every single time,AI can in theory allow for a superior and more robust decision-making process. This speedy method reduces waste while meeting needs faster than traditional builds. In short, using this system would help the housing market grow at an exponential rate while remaining relatively inexpensive for real estate developers. This rationalized process keeps operations running expeditiously, keeping costs low.

All in all, modular construction methods are the answer to many of these changing trends. Business professionals

and construction leaders should look forward to witness these processes increasing in popularity as they bridge the construction gap to meet demands. The ability to customize the structure while keeping the process green, under budget, on schedule and consistent will draw a lot of support.

To gain the advantages of such technological advancements has compelled organizations to adopt modular construction solutions and services. This edition of Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of leading modular construction solution and service players to help companies navigate the best-of-breed service and solution providers. The enlisted organizations are transforming processes and services at the convergence of several disruptive technologies

    Top Modular Construction Service Companies

  • Specializes in Type III and Type V multi-family and commercial projects and leverages its core values of professionalism, innovation, and impeccable workmanship to ensure that all their client needs are satisfied.


  • Fulcrum is uniquely qualified to support any development or redevelopment project, from master-planned communities to towering skyscrapers. Fulcrum has an active in-house cost database of project budgets nationwide to analyze cost impacts for many of these cost fluctuations. Further, Fulcrum is in constant dialogue with project delivery team members addressing issues such as these material impacts that can be a source to make educated decisions when pricing a project


  • Provides the kind of engineering and construction expertise needed to get projects successfully off the ground and one-on-one service to manage it every step of the way


  • Baker Triangle

    Baker Triangle

    BakerTriangle is dedicated to leveraging technology, keeping a good safety record, and constantly innovating to better our services and the projects it assists in the construction of

  • Best GEN Modular

    Best GEN Modular

    The Best GENeration specializes in modular building. They are expert in commercial modular construction. Best GEN Modular strives to be the most innovative modular building firm in North America. We prefabricate turn-key building solutions using modular construction using offshore, lean manufacturing techniques

  • JTS Modular

    JTS Modular

    JTS Modular specializes in custom permanent modular construction. In terms of aesthetics and quality, its buildings are indistinguishable from site-built constructions. JTS Modular's design capabilities are boundless, and it combines precision engineering with committed customer service

  • Modular Hybrid Consulting

    Modular Hybrid Consulting

    Modular Hybrid Construction, Inc. is an on-site building services company that specializes in modular construction. Modular Hybrid Construction provides cost-effective turnkey building solutions to clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, and the Washington, DC area. Modular Hybrid Construction's services encompass both modular unit installation and finishing

  • Modular Management Group

    Modular Management Group

    Modular Management Group, Inc. (MMG) is a Fort Worth, Texas-based Design-Build Construction firm. MMG specializes in the design and construction of Modular Building Systems, as well as Site Development. MMG provides “Concept-to-Completion” services on all Modular Building projects for the Commercial, Healthcare, Education, and Government sectors. Its Modular Buildings are available for Sale, Lease, or Finance

  • ProSet


    ProSet, Inc. is a mobile corporation that serves the whole Western United States. ProSet, Inc. offers unrivaled knowledge, ensuring the success of every crane set. By handling precise dimensional tolerances, accurate completion of all structural connections, and also an absolute dedication to keeping the building dry, its clients can rest assured their investment in a vacant lot full of boxes will be become a permanent, dried-in structure in a matter of days

  • S&R Enterprises

    S&R Enterprises

    S&R Enterprises is a consulting organization that focuses on the requirements of new and small enterprises. It assist companies in developing a marketing and sales strategy that may involve companies' websites and marketing materials. It also offers computer training and advice on workplace automation and organization

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