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Top 10 Modular Construction Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Offsite construction, also known as modular construction is not a new concept, but it is one that has seen resurgence in recent years. This new-found popularity is attributable to rising affordable housing needs and demand for sustainable building. Offsite construction alleviates the many problems associated with traditional ‘onsite’ methods. By moving a large proportion of the work from a messy, exposed open-air setting with limited working hours into a safe, controlled indoor factory setting with 24/7 production uptime potential, modular construction offers several benefits in the form of shorter building time, lower costs, and improved working environment.

However, there still are a few contractors and construction firms that are hesitant to adopt this new approach. It is mainly due to a degree of apprehension and the perceived risks of using unfamiliar methods of building. In such scenarios, hiring consulting firms to offer a confluence of planning, design, and construction services ensures the quality as well as the structural integrity of a building. For instance, a significant issue associated with traditional construction includes the need for homeowners to coordinate with design technologists and construction contractors consistently. Opting for a third-party allows owners to lay back and maintain contact with a single source. The consulting companies can help contractors and builders tailor a plan for their specific modular project needs; from establishing scope and viability through budget and schedule along with requirements of process implementation and ongoing evaluation. From concept to closeout, these people help develop a plan one a can effectively build on.

In light of this, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of top 10 modular construction consulting/services companies to guide contractors and builders in harnessing the power of modular construction technologies to tackle today’s building challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of their people.

Through our cover story, featuring Arizona-based Fulcrum, we bring to you a modular construction risk management service provider that educates its clients—building owners, construction lenders, contractors, and equity investors—on the benefits of modular construction. If and when a project receives the green light, Fulcrum handholds clients throughout the process of modular construction, which includes preliminary advisory services, recruitment of workers, collaboration with manufacturers, and everything else in between.

We are also glad to feature Entuitive, which through its offsite and modular design service offering is bringing a balance between economy, aesthetics, and high productivity in the rapidly changing architecture, engineering, and construction marketplace. Alongside, we have also featured several other companies that are constantly proving their mettle in the field of modular construction through their innovative services.

We hope this edition of Construction Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven business.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Modular Construction Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Modular Construction Consulting Services Companies

  • Entuitive takes design performance to new heights through its collaboration with clients including architects, developers, building owners and managers, and construction professionals. Entuitive's practice encompasses structural engineering, building envelope, restoration, and special projects consulting. The company deeply believes in achieving better design through technology. Entuitive's team uses BIM and other advanced tools to solve complex structural and design challenges allowing its clients to realize their vision in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Entuitive is passionate about providing exceptional service on each and every project – whether small-scale projects to billion-dollar landmark structures anywhere in the world


  • Fulcrum is a modular construction risk management service provider that educates its clients on the new wave of construction and subsequently helps them execute projects successfully. One of the top 10 modular construction service companies, Fulcrum works with owners, developers, construction lenders, general contractors, and equity investors, informing them on the benefits and risks associated with modular construction. If a project is apt for modular construction, Fulcrum works on behalf of land owners and oversees the entire construction lifecycle. Due to its vast experience in the industry, Fulcrum selects vendors such as the manufacturer of modules and the design team to ensure successful project execution


  • AOI Corporation

    AOI Corporation

    AOI offers solutions for the built environment through its expertise in construction, furniture, and architectural products groups. Products and services are available individually or combined as part of a holistic approach developed in collaboration with its clients and their design teams. AOI’s success relies on the firm’s ability to provide an excellent customer experience. Through strong leadership, The Company fosters a culture and work environment uncompromisingly committed to integrity, character, and service. AOI’s clients are able to stay focused on their business because they trust the company to build and furnish an environment where their employees and clients will thrive

  • F.A. Wilhelm Construction

    F.A. Wilhelm Construction

    People are the foundation for F.A. Wilhelm’s (Wilhelm) quest for innovation and continual pursuit of excellence. The company is passionate, where creative people have led and challenged the construction industry to build safely, build responsibly, build with the highest integrity – and to build together. Wilhelm provides expansive construction value through flexible delivery methodologies, including construction management, design-build, general contracting, integrated project delivery, and trade specialty contracting services. As one of the largest employers of construction labor in the Midwest, the firm specializes in managing, developing, and delivering sustainable, effective spaces and places where people live, learn, work, play, discover, and heal

  • J.M. Brennan

    J.M. Brennan

    J.M. Brennan, Inc. proudly serves as the single-source mechanical control for HVAC, plumbing, process piping, controls, and industrial sheet metal with 24/7 service. The craftsmen at J.M. Brennan understand the mechanics behind every component in every part of the building. That’s why the teams are able to offer solutions for even the most demanding projects. J.M. Brennan is the preferred mechanical contractor for hospitals, commercial buildings, universities, and manufacturing facilities. J.M. Brennan has the knowledge, resources, and experience to handle all the mechanical contracting needs

  • JP Cullen

    JP Cullen

    JP Cullen is a fifth-generation family-owned business. Since 1892, the company have taken on the most challenging government, education, healthcare, commerce, industrial, arts & entertainment and historic restoration projects across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. Today the company is a multi-million full-service preconstruction and construction company with 800 employees, managing projects in all sizes – from new construction to additions and renovations to specialized work. Since 1892, JP Cullen has been known as the builder that manages the projects others can’t, very large, very complex, or requiring deep industry-specific expertise. In other words, projects where there’s no room for error

  • Kapture Prefab

    Kapture Prefab

    Kapture is a significant player in the construction prefabrication solution providers; the company offers a new way of building: a simplified, innovative, and streamlined design and production process with higher precision in a more productive and safer environment. Kapture changes the way major building companies approach and execute their large-scale commercial projects. The level of detail on the preassembly component drawings is much higher than traditional drawings. Every outlet, stud, and pipe is sufficiently detailed to ensure installation is correct, and there is uniformity. “Blind” welds/solder joints that occur in the field are eliminated

  • The Hagerman Group

    The Hagerman Group

    From Four Generations, The Hagerman Group has pioneered the field of construction technology solutions and has displayed utmost dedication to providing exceptional value to its clients. The Hagerman Group partners with its clients at project conception and remains invested in each project well beyond completion, with the unified goal of exceeding each client’s individual and personalized project needs on time and under budget. The company involves in the process from site selection through pre-construction services, to completion of the project to its industry-leading Five-Year Warranty/Follow-Up Program. The team works towards a single goal, exceeding the client’s expectations

  • TRIO Electric

    TRIO Electric

    With the inception in 2003, TRIO Electric is one of the top electrical design, construction, and service firms. TRIO is a privately held, full-service electrical contractor focusing on commercial and light industrial projects. The management team at TRIO has several hundred years of combined electrical contracting experience in all sectors of construction. The company has in-house professional engineering that can design-build or design-assist customized solutions to fulfill the necessities of the client. TRIO’s Energy Intelligence will enable the client to reduce operating costs while benefiting the environment dramatically

  • Turner Industries

    Turner Industries

    Turner Industries is a renowned construction technology player who builds, maintains, and services the nation’s heavy industrial sector. The company helps to make the life the people lead possible by supporting the companies that produce fuel, energy, and products essential for daily existence. Since 1961, Turner has steadily worked to provide one solution for its clients’ success. To help its client achieve greatness, the firm finds, develops and supports the very best people for the jobs by performing throughout the four divisions: Construction; Maintenance and Turnarounds; Fabrication; and Equipment and Specialty Services

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