Fulcrum: Riding the Wave of Modular Success

Top 10 Modular Construction Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Modular construction is not a new concept but attracts a fresh wave of interest and investment on the back of developments in the technological and economic environment. The modular construction industry adopts new materials as well as digital technologies that improve design capabilities and variability, improve manufacturing precision and productivity, and facilitate logistics. Importantly, modular construction eliminates job site issues such as access roads and traffic, or materials safety and storage. Thanks to the incredible tech advances, great value is generated by optimizing efficiency and productivity at every stage, from planning to construction. Indeed, many within the industry predict that a building site will look very different in a decade.

Modular construction is still pretty much an outlier in many countries. But there are definite signs of what could be a genuine broad-scale disruption in the making. It’s already drawing in new competitors — and most likely, it will create new winners and losers across the entire real estate and building ecosystem.

In light of this, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of top 10 modular construction consulting / services companies to guide contractors and builders in harnessing the power of modular construction technologies to tackle today’s building challenges, reduce workload and increase efficiencies while at the same time ensuring their people’s safety.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Modular Construction Consulting/Services Companies – 2020.”

    Top Modular Construction Consulting/Services Companies

  • Fulcrum is a modular construction risk management service provider that educates its clients on the new wave of construction and subsequently helps them execute projects successfully. One of the top 10 modular construction service companies, Fulcrum works with owners, developers, construction lenders, general contractors, and equity investors, informing them on the benefits and risks associated with modular construction. If a project is apt for modular construction, Fulcrum works on behalf of land owners and oversees the entire construction lifecycle. Due to its vast experience in the industry, Fulcrum selects vendors such as the manufacturer of modules and the design team to ensure successful project execution.


  • RK Mechanical (RK), a Colorado-based specialty contractor, has positioned itself as one of the leading off-site manufacturing partners for its clients with the creation of RK Mission Critical, LLC (RKMC). RK’s earliest pre-fabrication and modular solutions set industry standards for innovation, durability, and reliability. RKMC’s primary focus is on data, telecommunications, power, and other mission critical vertical markets. The company channels to market include directly serving end-users like hyper-scale companies, data centers, and collocation providers, and serve these users through large OEMs. With a unique blend of construction, manufacturing, and integration along with the use of the Lean Six Sigma principle, RKMC delivers projects faster and with greater value.


  • Saratoga Modular Homes

     Saratoga Modular Homes

    Saratoga Modular Homes was found in 2008 and based in Saratoga Springs, NY, and they specialize in the designing and construction of custom modular homes, multifamily, and commercial projects. Valuing their reputation for integrity and long-term relationships with the customers, employees, and business associates, the company delivers high-quality, cost-effective homes with an exceptional focus on customer service. Saratoga Modular Homes specialize in custom modular homes, modular commercial buildings, and modular multifamily construction.

  • Allied Steel Buildings

    Allied Steel Buildings

    Since 2003, Allied Steel Buildings has been helping over 4,500 customers realize their steel building dreams with the highest quality standards of building and customer service. Staring from local community projects to multinational developments, they pride on delivering unmatched expertise in design, engineering, fabrication, and project management. Allied is staffed by highly resourceful, innovative, and competent team members, with extensive experience in the metal building sector. They specialize in SpecialtiesSteel Construction, Agricultural Steel Buildings, Aviation Steel Buildings, Commercial Steel Buildings, Equestrian Steel Buildings, Warehouses, Industrial Steel Buildings, Manufacturing Steel Buildings, Residential Steel Buildings, and Workshop Steel Buildings.

  • Christie Engineering

    Christie Engineering

    Christie Engineering offers a full range of structural engineering services, from initial in-depth construction inspections to construction observation. Using the best in technology from finite element analysis to steel optimization software, our structural engineers design, evaluate, and rehabilitate a wide range of structures, including foundations, retaining structures, buildings, bridges, dams, and more. Christie Engineering has become well known for our innovative structural engineering design approach of Metal-Stud Frame Design incorporating panelized and modular construction as well as comprehensive and accurate structural designs of new and existing buildings.

  • Entuitive


    Entuitive takes design performance to new heights through its collaboration with clients including architects, developers, building owners and managers, and construction professionals. Entuitive's practice encompasses structural engineering, building envelope, restoration, and special projects consulting. The company deeply believes in achieving better design through technology. Entuitive's team uses BIM and other advanced tools to solve complex structural and design challenges allowing its clients to realize their vision in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Entuitive is passionate about providing exceptional service on each and every project – whether small-scale projects to billion-dollar landmark structures anywhere in the world

  • Impresa Modular

    Impresa Modular

    Impresa Modular discovered that modular construction is a building system that will permit them to consistently deliver on their promise to the clients without the need to become a modular home manufacturer. The company uses modern modular construction to build energy-efficient and healthy custom homes for our customers and their families at a great value. They even take calls and emails from people that have never built a new home in their life. The clients might not know where to start, how to get financing, when to apply for permits, how to get land, or how to design their new home. Impresa Modular educates and offers advice to their customers at each step of the process to reduce anxiety so that they can enjoy creating their new home.

  • Knight


    With the highest certified quality control workers and engineers in the state, Knight’s is built on product assurance and upholds high standards in all aspects of the business. From manufacturing to on-site service, Knight’s Companies are dedicated to their focus on customer service. They ensure that their staff are actively and professionally involved throughout the entire process. The concrete business demands the best and Knight’s is here to provide perfection to all of its customers. Whatever the construction or manufacture needs are, Knight’s is the trusted name for them to get the job done.

  • PSE Consulting Engineers

    PSE Consulting Engineers

    Precision Structural Engineering, Inc. specializes in multiple areas that can be a significant benefit to the structural integrity of their client’s most prominent investment, like their home or place of business. The company values the business and strives to achieve the highest level of customer service and quality design documents available in the industry. They offer sustainable engineering homes and businesses that can save tens of thousands of dollars in utility bills over the life of the structure, in addition to being much more resistant to structural strains, settling, and other factors that can affect the stability and efficiency of the building. The company is there to serve with the most competitive pricing possible and without cutting corners or compromising on the quality of the work we provide.

  • SnapSpace Solutions

    SnapSpace Solutions

    American manufacturing company with fully customizable spaces using recycled steel shipping containers. By recycling steel ISBU shipping containers, they are able to offer modular structures that are assembled faster, cost less and are superior in appearance, strength and environmental impact. From residential to commercial applications, there is no limit to what their clients create. Some applications for the buildings includes residential homes, mobile commercial kitchens, offices, entertainment venues like green rooms and dressing rooms, and even a pool. The company is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida.

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