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Top 10 Modular Construction Solution Companies - 2020

Today, modular construction is experiencing a significant expansion of interest and use as the construction industry seeks to improve safety, productivity, quality, cost, schedule, and sustainability performance while continuing to face labor shortages, cost uncertainties, and other challenges. Modular construction firms are trying to deliver the best buildings, and they are pushing themselves to innovate and leverage the latest technology.

The leading example of cutting-edge technology in modular construction today is the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). While BIM technology can be applied to various forms of development, it is a natural match to modular construction, and this technology has already been used by top firms to improve their processes. The technology complements modularization because BIM designs are easily translated into the fabrication workflows from which manufacturers assemble their modules in their facilities.

Understanding the changing times, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of top 10 modular construction solution providers to guide construction companies and contractors in harness the power of modular construction technologies to address current building challenges, reduce workload and increase efficiency while at the same time ensuring the safety of their people.

Besides the technologies used to design the buildings, these listed modular construction firms often prioritize ensuring that their production facilities are fully outfitted with the latest equipment and machinery. By utilizing the latest robotics and equipment advancements, these companies ensure their teams have the best tools at their disposal and that every cut and bolt is applied with absolute precision.

We present to you, Construction Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Modular Construction Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Modular Construction Solution Companies

  • MaxLife Industries—a subsidiary of Taylor Clay Products, a leading player in the ceramics space—offers state-of-the-art and code-compliant building enclosure products for all types of new and existing commercial and multifamily buildings. Beginning its journey as a manufacturer of thin brick panels, MaxLife has evolved to become a pioneer in the construction materials manufacturing industry with its flagship offering, ArmorWall. ArmorWall Structural Insulated SheathingTM is a series of high strength, fire-resistant, exterior insulated wall sheathing products (commonly referred to as a SIS panel) that essentially combines four traditional material components into one, resulting in industry-leading continuous insulation value, durability and strength, and more. This Underwriters Laboratories (UL) classified and tested product line helps designers and contractors meet the aforementioned performance and safety needs while enabling building designs that are simply not possible with traditional building enclosure materials

  • Resolute Elevator is driven the by the mission of addressing the problems associated with conventional elevator installation. With its modular elevators, Resolute Elevator helps contractors reduce the elevator installation time and adhere to complex regulatory requirements. Every part of the company's elevators are designed off-site and they are assembled horizontally within a climate-controlled warehouse. So, there is no fall hazard. Resolute Elevator’s modular elevator system also comes with a structural steel hoist way, containing crucial parts, such as pit ladder, pit light, hoist way door system, and pit GFCI. This relieves constructors from the cumbersome task of constructing an elevator shaft on-site

  • STARC Systems is a manufacturer of modular, reusable temporary containment systems that are easy to install, move and reconfigure. Being a pioneer in the modular containment solution landscape, STARC Systems solutions are used in a variety of verticals, especially in healthcare, where patients need to be safeguarded from any kind of disruption during occupied renovation. STARC Systems’ modular walls are exceed ICRA Class IV requirements and can be used to create negative air pressure within a room to eliminate dust, debris, and pathogens from impacting patients

  • Acrow Bridge

    Acrow Bridge

    Acrow Bridge is a full-service design and engineering enterprise, specializing in prefabricated modular steel bridging solutions for permanent, temporary and emergency use. For more than half a century, Acrow Bridge has supplied innumerable of bridges to urban and rural locations all over the world. The company aims to help their clients build strong and sustainable transportation infrastructure. Through its bridges, Acrow Bridge makes new connections that create opportunities by replacing aging infrastructure, rebuilding what was lost in a disaster and opening up new passageways to a better way of life



    ADMARES is a real estate enterprise with innovative construction methods that combine cutting-edge marine, land, and modular construction techniques. The company's turnkey solutions guarantee greater returns for developers, shorter project timelines, and minimal environmental impact. Their new floating or pile-supported structures create new valuable real estate on the water, and are ideal for development agencies or private investors looking to take advantage of ambitious waterfront development opportunities where minimal environmental impact is required. Construction takes place in a purpose-built production facility ensuring high quality, minimum material waste, and reduced energy consumption

  • Cardinal Homes

    Cardinal Homes

    Cardinal Homes, Inc. is a market-focused manufacturer of custom-designed building components for a network of Independent Building Contractors. They play the role of a reliable link in their clients' supply chains and help improve cycle time and reduce risks. The company is known to deliver the building system of choice and improve relationships with every interaction. The experienced team at Cardinal Homes aim to deliver the building system of choice and improve relationships with every interaction, and help with choosing a floor plan, picking colors, selecting a lender, choosing your lot, choosing your exterior trim, and much more

  • Green Magic Homes

    Green Magic Homes

    Green Magic Homes is a manufacturer and patent owner of several biophilic construction systems for environments and communities that connect people and nature. The company's purpose-driven approach provides the focus, shapes the thinking, and gives meaning to all the solutions offered. Their technologies meet all international standards required for approval and construction in any country around the world. Their systems are manufactured in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and the UAE. Their products include Green Magic Homes and Easy Fast Building among many others

  • S2A Modular

    S2A Modular

    S2A Modular is a modular construction company that provides its clients with self-sustaining and custom luxury homes. They are known to deliver stylish designs, fast construction, tailor-made features with high-end materials, and smart connected living as well. They aim to provide their commercial and individual clients with properties that consume less energy and have a higher home value as compared to traditionally constructed properties. Based in Palo Alto, CA, S2A Modular caters to clients from several industries including commercial enterprises, hospitality, and more

  • Steelblox


    Steelblox is a certified factory home and commercial modular builder. With over 30 years since conception, the company is known for delivering integrity and world class craftsmanship to its clients. Their Factory Built Modular programs, deliver faster, more affordable and better products. The team at Steelblox aims to build a home that is a dream come true for all their clients. Based in Lampoc, CA, the company also helps overcome challenges in the construction process such as project delays and maintaining labor forces

  • Thaddeus Homes

    Thaddeus Homes

    Thaddeus Homes is a real estate tech company leveraging material science to efficiently build sustainable, disaster resistant homes. The company provides their clients with constructions that can withstand most natural occurrences to ensure safety during difficult times. They also believe in energy efficiency and sustainability and offer structures that is built to not waste important resources. Thaddeus Homes is known to provide constructions with comfort, beauty, or affordability, while also being safe and efficient. The team aims to advance the construction of disaster resistant and sustainable housing through material science and technology

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